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Making dreams become a reality

Locorum Inc. specializes in building custom homes, major renovations and construction management. Whether you plan to buy land or renovate your existing property, we can help you make the most of that property and increase its value by adding a beautifully appointed, custom-designed home that suits your lifestyle.

Building a home or under taking a major renovation can be complicated, but over the years we have streamlined the process to make it as simple as possible for you. You have enough on your plate, so we take the stress out of home-building with straightforward processes, clear-cut choices, and superior quality in all our materials and designs.

Some of our clients are Investors who are interested in flipping properties or simply creating a revenue stream or source of income through rental properties. Our investors typically buy properties for rental and look for duplex and triplex conversions from single family homes.

Other clients include architects who represent a home owners. Locorum is contracted to retrofit existing houses to suit client needs or dreams. Some of the needs that may be required is making the existing residence accessible for handicap or elderly individuals. Providing elevators, ramps, lift tracks are essential to allow the clients to move freely within their residence.

We've assembled a team of highly trained and licensed professionals, each one an expert in one or more facets of the home building process. From our designers to our construction supervisors to our customer care staff, our team takes pride in their work.



Providing contemporary to exotic designs, which ever suits your style

Whether your looking to update your project to a contemporary, modern or rustic style Locorum can advise or source materials that suit your need.

Designs can be generated from concept utilizing existing or new conditions. Shop drawings can be provided for a more in depth detail for your kitchen, bath or custom wood working needs.

Clients can be rest assured that all designs are completed to meet or exceed all local building authority building codes and practices.



Providing quality workmanship

Locorum's vision is to provide to quality workmanship to every aspect of work. Locorum takes pride in the work we provide whether its hidden behind the walls and floors or finished product.

Locorum has the ability to offer the above and beyond approach to our work. Our expectations are to provide true, level, plumb and seamless work and take pride in quality construction.

Safety is a key focus in our work and consistently tries to keep our work sites clean. This allows trades to work more efficiently and prevents hazards in the work place for trades or clients.



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